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  How do you recruit participants?   How do I begin a project?
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How do you recruit participants?

We work with professional agencies in each market that have proven themselves to provide outstanding service and uncompromised research support skills. These agencies recruit participants based on the specifications that we provide according to our research plan. This usually means that they recruit from a database or using other random means. We, with our clients, determine the appropriate level of benefit/cost that is warranted by the project.

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How do I begin a project?

Good research projects require close communication between the research organization and you or your internal clients. We start with a discussion of your research goals and geographic or respondent-specific requirements. Some of the things we need to know are what issues you need to have resolved, timing, and budgetary considerations.

Next, we outline a draft summary of our discussions and review this with you.  We also call our facilities to see if they are available in the markets that you require and, if so, place them on hold. After these steps, we provide you with a cost estimate so that we can finalize the design, timing, and other considerations required for a successful research project.  And, if necessary, we may provide you with alternative research designs with varying costs so that you can more easily evaluate the price/benefit trade-offs.

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What if there is more than one method that suits my research objectives?

Part of our responsibility is to offer you alternatives that we believe best allow you to reach your research objectives. Many methodologies are difficult to implement in a marketing environment.  We try to balance the needs of our client with the requirements of the methodology in order to arrive at the best possible solution. For that reason, we continually explore new and developing methodologies so that we can present you with the best set of alternatives.

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Do you work on quantitative projects?

We are a qualitative market research business, which means our core competency is in qualitative market research.  However, we often conduct opinion surveys, customer satisfaction interviews and other quantitative projects for customers that are interested in descriptive statistics rather than in modeling consumer behavior.

With the addition of William Leach, our capabilities have been expanded to include more advanced quantitative designs. The association of Mr. Leach and Dr. Saunders allows us to now offer more advanced quantitative research designs.

In addition to quantitative work that we conduct on our own, we often work with other leading quantitative market research companies when the scope of a project exceeds that which we feel we can comfortably offer to clients.

We are often asked to conduct the qualitative portion of complex, multi-phase, multi-method projects. Clients feel comfortable with us because of our understanding and expertise with quantitative methods.

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