We have conducted numerous technology studies around the world in countries as diverse as Japan, Saudi Arabia, Germany, and Australia.


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8-point UsabilityChek

Initial Page Clarity – Identifies elements that detract from a user's ability to immediately understand what the page is about and how to interact with the site. 

  Navigation Elements – Pinpoints navigation elements that are confusing, broken, difficult-to-use or cumbersome. 

  Links and Returns – Finds problem areas that could cause user confusion or unsatisfactory experiences based on the expectations developed from the link. 

  Special Function / Features – Identifies usability problems with special features such as printing, exporting or other problems that could cause users to quit using your site prematurely. 

  Color and Design Features – Locates navigation conflicts caused by color or design elements.  This includes font choice and color, background design, and other artistic effects.

  Instructions / Help – Outlines errors, gaps and other problems that limit the effectiveness of instructions and help features. 

  E-commerce Process – Discovers areas that could confuse or frustrate consumers who are trying to purchase goods and services from your site.

  Other Site-Specific Elements – Identifies problem areas that could cause users to leave your site based on other elements. 

  Why Us?

We have been conducting software / website usability and attitudes research since 1995.  We continue to help companies around the globe test and fine-tune their web and E-commerce sites.  We can help you to quickly spot and correct common problem areas as well as design elements that may not be as easy to understand and use as you would like.  

How it works:

  Send us the URLs you would like to have evaluated

  We'll have our staff test each URL and create a customized report for your site.

  We offer variable pricing so that you can tailor UsabilityChek to meet your specific needs!

It's that easy! Give us a call today.

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